Workshops in early music

Art projects

From 2003 to 2008 we organized in cooperation with OBRAS the following projects in Evora (Portugal)::
  • June 2003: A French Connection (directed by Ludy Vrijdag)
  • September 2003: Mon cœur se recommande à vous (directed by Eize Leertouwer)
  • September 2004: The history of fauxbourdon singing (directed by Marcel Pérès)
  • September 2005: El cancion del emperador (directed by Erik Van Nevel)
  • September 2006: Monteverdi, sacred & profane (directed by Jeffrey Skidmore)
  • May 2007: Paradise of parody: the masses of Philippe de Monte (directed by Erik Van Nevel)
  • May 2008: Virgin Mary devotion (directed by Jeffrey Skidmore)
  • June 2015: The Manuscripts of Petrus Alamire, with Erik Van Nevel
  • May 2016: Music for processions & corteges, with Jeffrey Skidmore

  • Marcel Pérès

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